We have over 12 years’ experience with carpentry and other home construction trades, so you can trust our skill and workmanship. We pride ourselves on creating a business built on people with strong work ethic and a high focus on safety and quality of workmanship.


From exterior patios, pergolas, decking, fencing and panelling to new made-to-measure stairs, shelves, design closets, frames, bathroom cabinets or other miscellaneous items of furniture or decor,  we have done it all and can provide you a quote for whichever project you have in mind.


Garden place to be

Peace. I called this peace, but it could have been called love or calm or “it’s all gonna be okay” or maybe you’ll have your own word. When you’re digging in your garden and your hands touch the earth, the craziness of life takes a short nap, and for awhile it feels like everything’s alright… Knowing this ‘why’ makes my garden design much easier because I use colors/shapes/textures/etc that promote peace and calm (as opposed to promoting more energy and vibrancy, which would be more appropriate for a party-focused garden).


Hire a Carpenter

From furniture replace/repairs to wooden door/window frame installation to custom-built pieces, We offer the high-quality carpentry services you can depend on. They handle everything from installing crown moulding to crafting custom wood furniture. Most importantly, we stand behind our workmanship with our Done Right Guarantee, giving you confidence when you choose to work with us.